Tommaso Sanguigni

Tommaso Sanguigni

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First Name * Tommaso
Last Name * Sanguigni
Username * tommix
Country * Italy
City Fondi
Nationality Italian
Languages EnglishItalian



Availability: Freelance


Technical skills

• 3D modeling, animation, shading, simulation: Cinema 4D (and all add-on modules: PyroCluster, Mocca3, Dynamics, TP, MoGraph, ecc), ZBrush, Maya and MEL scripting, Mudbox, RealFlow.

• Database: MS Access, Oracle Lite, MySQL, SQL language, access with JDBC, ODBC.

• Programming languages: C, C , Java, Visual Basic 6 e .NET, Visual C# .NET.

• Operating systems: Windows 9x/ME/200x/XP, Linux, MS-DOS;

• Technologies for Distribuited Systems: Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Java Message Service (JMS), Enterprise Java Beans.

• Graphic programming with Visual Basic/C/C#, Java Swing, OpenGL.

• Web applications: Apache Tomcat, PHP, Jboss;

• Web programming: Php, Jsp, Html, Css, Flash and ActionScript programming;

• Multithreaded network programming with sockets in C and Java.

• Camera tracking in boujou.


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